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The Political Digital Marketing Playbook

The Political Digital Marketing Playbook

A FREE Resource to help YOU win voters and take YOUR political campaign into the next century with inbound marketing.

The Political Digital Marketing Playbook

Harness the power of digital for your campaign or cause. GET YOUR POLITICAL PLAYBOOK BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW:

Political Digital Marketing is critical in modern campaigns. Digital advertising accounted for 22.1 percent of political spending in 2018, or $1.8 billion. Social media advertising alone is expected to account for more than $1 billion next year. On social platforms alone, there are over 500 data points on 220 Million Americans. These data points were fully utilized and leveraged in 2016. It is the present. Digital is completely trackable, down to the voter commitment. Last year, NATIV3 generated over 1,500,000 voter opt-ins through our campaigns. Mailers can’t give you that surety.

Getting your message to voters and advocates requires you to reach them where they already are. You’re more likely to catch a potential supporter’s eye with an ad on social media than you are with a television endorsement. Whether you’re a local level politician or an advocacy group seeking support, digital marketing unlocks a whole new demographic of people waiting to find something to be passionate about. GET OUR FREE RESOURCE BELOW!

Learn the digital mechanisms and strategies that will…

  • Foster goodwill and WIN you voters and advocates
  • Build your name ID, voter list, and small-dollar DONOR pool
  • Give you a digital roadmap that has led to VICTORIES across the country and MILLIONS of fundraising dollars
  • Help accurately predict VOTE COUNT and minimum victory margin for small campaigns all the way to national ones!

We hope this resource helps you get a handle on the digital roadmap for political candidates and causes. FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW, AND WE’LL EMAIL YOU YOUR FREE RESOURCE’

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