Headshot of Archie Jereos

Archie Jereos

Archie started out as a business management school student at Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. In the 2000s, as he was wrapping up his degree, he was introduced to the concept of website coding  by his brother, who was taking a class that featured a website project focused on HTML.

Once Jereos began working on the site along with his brother, he wanted to go further, seeking out advanced HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills that went far beyond the scope of the work.

What started as a hobby for Jereos quickly became a passion. Jereos went back to school for an associates degree in ecommerce programming. While attending school, Archie continued to work on small web development projects on the side to continue to sharpen his skills.

Archie left the freelancing business once his degree was complete and moved to Singapore, where he worked for 3 different companies doing frontend development and designs. He soon picked up additional freelancing work, continuing to hone his coding abilities.

When Jereos isn’t designing beautiful websites, he enjoys watching movies and seeking out new food adventures.